New single "Christmas in Carolina" out now!

The long-lost holiday single is now available everywhere to ruin the holidays everywhere!

About the Band

A band that offers the highest standards for your listening experience.

City Vinyl was formed in 2007 by Patrick Childs and Mike Koivisto. Forged in the North Carolina piedmont and influenced by a diverse group of Triangle indie rock bands that included Superchunk, Small 23, Archers of Loaf, Hellbender and the Connells, City Vinyl was a creative tour de force that thrived in two worlds - rock 'n roll and local government. Those worlds collided several years before anyone considered that those worlds colliding might be a good thing. 

The good news for you is that the sounds of those worlds colliding are now back where they can be heard.

City Vinyl Main Logo
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Forged in the minds of two people with minds. 

From the band's memoir:

"There was this one time we were recording a song and it sounded almost okay and we had to stop and ask ourselves, 'Hey, what the hell is wrong with this song?' and it turned out that that song was Wooden Racquet. It was our first hit on MySpace. People listened to it because songs about tennis rackets really resonate with people, especially people who have seen a tennis racket before. And we even had people who didn't know about tennis rackets who were fans of the song because the song talks about a guy who 'jumped the net' and likes to 'hand out some spankings' and those are things that most people have done, but maybe not everyone." 

From a podcast interview:

"It's not hard to be in a band. It's hard to be in a good band. Because then everyone wants a piece of you. And there are only so many pieces of you that you can hand out. And if you repeatedly hand out the wrong pieces because you're desperate for money and fame, and then you take those pieces back once the other person is done using them, you have to wonder where those pieces were, if they are still good, if they need to be washed, or if maybe you need to start taking penicillin. But, that's just rock 'n roll, man."

Basement recording at its finest (and least-best sounding).

This was where the band members learned that no access to natural light stimulates the creative senses, but maybe not in the best way...

Inquiries to record with reputable and less-than-reputable producers went unanswered, so the gents went where people like them need to go to make beautiful music - underground the basement.

Mike Koivisto on the bass in studio for City Vinyl
Patrick Childs vox recording for City Vinyl
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For the discerning music lover (but not audiophile)

Hey, is that tape hiss in the background?

Sometimes you have to just do what you can do to do what  you want to do at that time.   


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